SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services

In addition to being a one of the world’s leading Intelligent Automation providers, SS&C Blue Prism has an in-house professional services team that are capable of leveraging their technology suite to provide comprehensive wraparound automation services.

With a rich history in the automation space, the SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services team brings a wealth of experience, and cross-sector expertise, to support organisations seeking to drive digital transformation through the automation of business processes. The team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering first class services, including process development, and training and support services, tailored to the unique needs of each customer.

The SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services team specialises in designing and deploying complex Intelligent Automation solutions that ensure organisations achieve maximum value from their automation investments. SS&C Blue Prism also host a ‘Digital Exchange’, and through our collaborative partnership, customers are able to access and re-purpose code from automations we have implemented across other organisations in the healthcare sector.

OAS (Outsource Automation Solutions)

OAS (Outsource Automation Solutions) is a UK-based provider of Intelligent Automation solutions that specialise in using the SS&C Blue Prism suite of products to deliver tailored professional services at market-beating prices. Priding themselves on making automation accessible and supporting customers to realise the benefits of Intelligent Automation in a cost-effective way, OAS are dedicated to providing a legacy of robust and maintainable processes.

OAS closely follow the SS&C Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM) to ensure they deliver high-quality, efficient, scalable, and reliable automation processes to their customers. Following a standardised approach allows OAS to serve organisations of all sizes, ranging from small enterprises to multinational corporations, across a variety of different industries, whilst maintaining compliance to automation standards. The OAS team is growing quickly, and between them they have a breadth of recent experience supporting healthcare providers.

Through our collaborative partnership, e18 provides our NHS customers with OAS’ competitively priced professional services, which include process development, operational support, and a fully managed service offering.



With over 110 people across the UK and MENA, Manchester-based Robiquity is the UK’s biggest provider of Intelligent Automation services in the UK. Robiquity discover, build, and service automated solutions that streamline business processes to create capacity and enhance productivity. Since inception in 2016, Robiquity has worked with over 50 multinational organisations, including Virgin Media O2, Jaguar Land Rover, Pets at Home, Co-Op, and B&M Retail to achieve Intelligent Automation driven transformation at scale.

Robiquity’s team of automation software engineers take an agile approach to continuous process improvement, focusing on delivering speed to value for real, measurable benefits. This is achieved by taking an end-to-end approach that enables humans and automations to cooperate seamlessly.

With the demand for Intelligent Automation solutions in the healthcare sector growing, e18 formed a strategic partnership with Robiquity to provide first-class professional services to our customers and deliver large-scale projects to the NHS.

Alder Hey Innovation

Alder Hey Innovation forms part of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and is a pioneering, multidisciplinary team comprised of experts – including industry leaders, clinicians, technologists, and researchers. From robotic process automation (RPA) to artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, Alder Hey Innovation is focused on harnessing the potential of emerging technology to transform healthcare. By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Alder Hey Innovation sets a new standard for healthcare excellence in the digital age.

Within Alder Hey’s Innovation team sits a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Automation that is committed to leveraging the power of automation to transform patient care, both locally and across the wider NHS. With a patient-centric focus, the COE aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

e18 have joined forces with Alder Hey Innovation to support NHS organisations at the outset of their automation journeys, as well as those looking to advance their automation maturity, as we aim to empower healthcare providers to create self-sufficient automation initiatives.

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