SS&C Blue Prism

SS&C Blue Prism is one of the world’s leading Intelligent Automation providers. Their flagship product, SS&C Blue Prism Cloud (BPC), combines artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive capabilities with robotic process automation (RPA), to provide a flexible, scalable platform, that enables collaboration between humans and ‘Digital Workers’ to automate complex business processes.

SS&C Blue Prism has c2,000 customers in over 170 countries, and has become the clear market-leading automation provider to the NHS and wider healthcare industry in the UK. By automating routine, manual, data entry tasks, healthcare providers can eliminate human error and free-up valuable staff time to create exceptional patient experiences, reduce costs, and meet their strategic priorities. The BPC platform is also highly secure, and fully compliant with healthcare regulations, which ensures patient data is protected at all times.

Through our strategic partnership with SS&C Blue Prism, the BPC platform is one of the key Intelligent Automation solutions that e18 Innovation provide to healthcare organisations.

Together, we are helping to transform healthcare through the power of Intelligent Automation.


As a global technology leader specialising in software, services, devices, and solutions that help individuals and businesses realise their full potential, Microsoft continues to help shape the future of digital experiences. Microsoft’s Intelligent Automation product, Power Automate, provides a low-code SaaS-based platform that runs in their Azure ecosystem.

After launching in 2020, Power Automate has quickly become a leader within the automation space. By combining robust robotic process automation (RPA) software with their Power Platform and Azure cloud solutions, Microsoft’s pioneering Intelligent Automation solution provides individuals and businesses with user-friendly, low code, drag and drop tools to craft bespoke automated processes, in a secure environment with robust security features. And with a plethora of pre-built connectors, a library of thousands of templates, and the ability to leverage AI assistance, Microsoft has democratised the automation of repetitive administrative tasks, making it both intuitive and accessible.

At e18 Innovation, we are proud to offer Power Automate and Power Platform solutions to healthcare organisations, and Microsoft’s technology forms an important component of e18’s Intelligent Automation offering. With a two-decade long track record serving the healthcare industry, Microsoft understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, and their solutions are designed to mitigate these obstacles.



OpenDialog provides a Conversational AI experience that enables organisations to automate engagements with their customers and employees in a natural and intuitive way. The OpenDialog platform combines artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, to create AI powered chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants that can answer questions, provide information, and complete tasks.

OpenDialog’s next-gen platform breaks down conversations into manageable, smart components that integrate into a variety of NLU interpreters and interface channels. This enables organisations to build an incredible conversational experience, efficiently, and at scale, using a no-code editor.

From providing virtual nursing assistants, to automated appointment scheduling, and real-time symptom checking, OpenDialog’s Conversational AI platform is capable of automating administrative tasks and delivering bespoke, intelligent, two-way conversations for healthcare organisations.

As a strategic partner to e18 Innovation, OpenDialog’s Conversational AI platform is a key component of the digital transformation solutions that we offer to the NHS, as it transforms interactions between healthcare providers and their patients, and allows patients to get the information and support they need, when they need it.


With a global footprint spanning over 170 countries, Lexmark are at the forefront of the tech sphere. By combining cutting-edge technologies with industry expertise, Lexmark are able to provide robust imaging and printing solutions that support healthcare providers with their transition towards digitised, seamless management of patient records. The Lexmark proposition goes beyond that of solely a technological aid, as it supports organisations to streamline workflows, and thus has the potential to play a crucial role in enhancing patient outcomes.

Lexmark’s solutions that digitise patient records, and automate printing and scanning tasks, have gained significant traction within the healthcare sector, predominantly due to their potential to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. Furthermore, Lexmark has an unwavering commitment to driving a sustainable future, by not only ensuring all of their products and services adhere to stringent environmental and social responsibility standards, but also aiding customers to reach their own sustainability targets.

Following the formation of the e18 and Lexmark partnership over 8 years ago, Lexmark’s offering has become an integral part of our strategy to provide best-in-class digital transformation solutions to the NHS.


Mindwave Ventures

e18 Innovation is proud to introduce Mindwave Ventures as a strategic partner. With a shared dedication for using technology to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience in the NHS, Mindwave’s mission aligns seamlessly with ours at e18.

Mindwave is a leading innovator in the digital health solutions space, and their comprehensive offering includes patient portals, mental health platforms, apps for managing long-term conditions, and data management systems for research. The design of each solution leverages the team’s deep understanding of healthcare systems, and a user-centric approach, to develop digital health tools that truly meet the needs of patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers alike.

Our partnership with Mindwave Ventures is a significant step forward in our commitment to improving patient outcomes in the NHS. Together, we aim to leverage our shared expertise to drive innovation and deliver solutions that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. We look forward to developing our collaboration with Mindwave, and are excited about the positive impact it will have on the NHS.

Trustco PLC

Trustco PLC combine an innovative approach with modern technology and managed support services to provide businesses with end-to-end technology solutions. With a customer-centric approach, they act as an extension of an organisation’s in-house IT team, striving to deliver guidance and support that accelerates digital transformation for the private and public sector in the UK.

Beyond providing their services such as multi-vendor DC hardware support, security as a service, and containerised datacentres, Trustco have partnered with e18 to deliver Intelligent Automation solutions and associated services to the NHS.

The e18 and Trustco partnership leverages the strength of both companies to achieve shared objectives; Trustco’s technological prowess combined with e18’s automation expertise and deep understanding of the NHS creates a synergy that is reshaping administrative processes and delivering real value for public sector organisations.

TrustCo PLC