Intelligent Digital Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes

Published On: February 22, 2024|

e18 Innovation is a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions and associated services to healthcare organisations in the UK. By working in strategic partnership with both the NHS and private sector healthcare organisations, e18 Innovation supports all aspects of an intelligent automation programme, enabling medical providers to drive efficiencies and improve quality in order to deliver higher quality care to their patients. With its deep understanding of the healthcare technology marketplace, e18 Innovation incorporates the latest innovative solutions to help enable the transformation of operations across healthcare organisations. e18 Innovation is led by Louise Wall, Founder and CEO, who has received our award for this year’s Intelligent Automation Solutions CEO of the Year.

The healthcare industry continues to be under considerable strain and is facing many challenges as a result of the pandemic, budget constraints and organisational changes. Providers are experiencing staff shortages, financial difficulties, and patient backlogs that impact their ability to provide high quality care to patients. At e18 Innovation, the team is committed to delivering measurable value to healthcare organisations by implementing innovative and intelligent digital solutions. By automating manual, repetitive and high-volume administrative processes across clinical and non clinical departments, e18 Innovation helps its clients reduce their operating costs, improve output quality, increase staff morale, and enhance overall patient care.

On the company’s vision, Louise Wall, says, “We understand the critical importance of patient care and the challenges faced by healthcare organisations. With our experience and unwavering dedication, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific challenges and needs, leveraging our expertise to design intelligent automation solutions that transform healthcare operations and improve patient outcomes.”

e18 Innovation works in partnership with over 55 NHS organisations across 17 different Integrated Care Systems (ICS), including acute trusts, community and mental health providers, and primary care networks. The business’s strategy focuses on providing affordable and high-value technology solutions and associated services to establish and enable healthcare providers at all different stages of their digital maturity to achieve both the operational and strategic benefits of embracing digital transformation.

e18’s use of a range of advanced and complementary technologies allows the design of tailored solutions for each organisation, improving healthcare service value. These solutions enhance data accuracy and interoperability, improve the efficiency of the patient journey, improve the patient experience, and create increased capacity for healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

The team at e18, with a combined experience of over 60 years in the healthcare industry, understands the necessity of a customer-focused approach to providing digital transformation solutions. It’s not just about deploying the latest technology, but also about encouraging clients to embrace change and fully comprehend the benefits roadmap that the supportive role of digital solutions can play in enhancing the organisation’s performance.

With over 2 decades of personal experience in the healthcare industry, Louise Wall has a proven history of delivering a wide range of innovative digital solutions to both NHS organisations and private healthcare providers. As the founder of e18 Innovation, Louise’s ability to establish an outcome focussed engagement strategy has enabled the business to become a trusted partner. Her dedication to delivering exceptional customer success continues to attract new clients and has positioned e18 Innovation as a leading brand for intelligent automation in the healthcare sector. As a female business owner, Louise also understands the importance of diverse representation in the workplace and is a strong advocate for the inclusion of women in leadership and technology roles.

Under the visionary leadership of Louise Wall, e18 Innovation will continue to work in partnership its healthcare customers to design and implement effective intelligent automation solutions. By integrating this pioneering technology, healthcare providers can provide better services to their patients, reduce their operating costs, and enhance staff morale. Louise Wall has received our award for this year’s Intelligent Automation Solutions CEO of the Year.

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