e18 Innovation and OpenDialog announce pioneering partnership

Published On: November 9, 2022|

e18 Innovation, a market-leading digital transformation consultancy, and Conversational AI platform provider OpenDialog, have announced a strategic partnership that offers a new, unique and transformational proposition to the UK healthcare sector.

Experiencing ever-growing demand, the healthcare sector is under increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies without reducing the quality of patient care, as well as supporting often overworked healthcare professionals.

Conversational AI enables healthcare providers to improve patient experiences while reducing the strain on existing resources. OpenDialog’s AI powered chatbots interact with patients and healthcare professionals from personalized virtual nursing assistants and appointment scheduling to real-time symptom checkers. Conversational AI uses human conversation to automate healthcare processes and services, providing a personalized experience that adapts depending on the patient. OpenDialog’s Intelligent assistants embody human like understanding of voice and text and can perform preliminary symptom diagnostics, gather personal information, and provide simple medical advice and information, freeing up healthcare professionals and enhancing patient experience.

OpenDialog and e18 will be working together to identify, create and deploy a range of unique and future-proofed Conversational AI platforms across the healthcare sector.

Louise Wall, Managing Director of e18, commented: “We are delighted to be announcing this strategic partnership with OpenDialog that will create hugely beneficial technology solutions for the healthcare sector, improving quality, accuracy, and efficiency. The use of Conversational AI has already completely transformed personal engagements in many other industries, and now we will be working collaboratively together to create solutions that meet the specific challenges posed by the healthcare sector. OpenDialog’s unique and powerful Conversational AI platform solution will perfectly complement our existing healthcare technology suite offering. The scope of opportunity in healthcare is huge and we are already working together on some exciting use cases in the NHS that we will announce in due course”

Dean Chapman, Chief Commercial Officer for OpenDialog, said: “We are excited to be announcing our partnership with e18 at this time. Having worked with e18 as a partner in our previous business and having first-hand experience of the impact that automation is bringing to the NHS and wider healthcare sector, we are confident that OpenDialog’s Conversational AI offering will help the NHS extend the current automation landscape and provide a platform to dramatically transform healthcare provision in the coming years. OpenDialog’s low code Conversational AI platform, for the first time, now enables the NHS to easily and quickly adopt highly sophisticated Conversational AI solutions that would previously have been impossible without significant investment in both money and technical skills. These solutions will deliver significant operational saving, improve patient experiences, and unburden our critical healthcare workers”

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