Seven Years of Successful Digital Transformation for our clients

Published On: September 21, 2022|


e18 innovation started as an idea, or perhaps a challenge. The challenge being – How could we harness rapidly developing digital technology to best serve the Healthcare Sector with overstretched staff and increasingly limited resources?

At the time, we worked with healthcare providers across the UK and noticed some common themes. Reducing budgets and growing patient numbers combined to increase pressure on hard-working staff. Manual processes were often simply replicated by computerised systems rather than being re-imagined in the context of innovative technological solutions.

We recognised a missed opportunity to explore new, intelligent technology capable of creating a much better experience for both patients and staff. A holistic approach was needed to identify and adopt the right solutions. There were, and still are, many barriers to change that the team at e18 are supporting the healthcare sector to embrace and overcome.

Healthcare providers need specialist support to help guide them towards effective solutions which reduce operating costs, enhance staff morale and ultimately improve the patient experience. The unique approach from e18 ensures the best value is offered to the end clients and ethical business practices are at the heart of what we do.

We stay 100% focused on the successful implementation of effective digital transformation. We work in collaboration with Healthcare providers, becoming part of their team and offer them access to a wide network of other Healthcare clients, so learnings can be shared. Our expert guidance and support are all part of the service, to help keep budgets realistic and projects delivered on time.

We measure our success not on e18’s performance but on the improvements we deliver in terms of cost savings, staff morale and patient outcomes. Staying focused on these outcomes has been so important in driving us forward with a clear purpose.

Seven years later, we could not be prouder of the business we have built, it’s achievements and the positive impact we’re having on the Healthcare sector and beyond.

Reflecting on our journey so far, I also instinctively look forward to future opportunities. The e18 team will continue to support our Healthcare clients with pioneering digital solutions. My hopes for the years ahead is that e18 remains focused on the revolution of healthcare organisations through innovative new technology where there is huge scope for harnessing technology which delivers cost savings and process improvements, of course. But, more importantly, properly implemented & supported, this transformative technology improves the lives of staff and patients.

Thank you to our network of committed clients, partners and staff members who are our biggest inspiration.

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