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Published On: June 9, 2023|
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e18, a leading provider of Automation solutions, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust to deliver automation solutions that will transform their administrative processes and improve staff efficiency.

In every Acute NHS Trust, many repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks are undertaken daily, consuming both clinical and non-clinical staff time. These inefficient processes not only represent a high proportion of staff workload but also contribute to an overall poor user experience for NHS staff. In any manual, administrative process, human error is prevalent, which in a clinical setting leads to avoidable clinical risk.

As a result, e18 has been working with over 50 NHS trusts across the UK, including neighbouring trusts The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, to implement RPA and automate administrative tasks, freeing up staff time and improving efficiency. e18’s expertise in this area and ability to support trusts through the change management process with a sole focus on customer success and delivering value for the public purse have made them the trusted partner for many NHS organisations.

The adoption of RPA has become increasingly widespread in recent years, with 61% of all Acute trusts and 42 Integrated Care Systems currently using RPA, according to the NHS Transformation Directorate. NHSE’s Digital Productivity Programme also lists RPA as one of its key projects, aiming to improve productivity across the NHS, reduce the burden on the workforce, save time, lower costs, reduce waste, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

e18 is a team of highly experienced and trusted individuals who are passionate about providing the best possible service to our NHS clients. We take a results-based approach to every project, ensuring that each one is delivered successfully and with the greatest impact. e18 has a unique model that focuses on delivering the best value for the public purse and providing commercial models to fit their customer’s needs. Their commitment to customer success and delivering real value has made them a trusted partner for many NHS organisations across the UK. With a deep understanding of the NHS and extensive experience in implementing automation solutions, e18 is well-positioned to help Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust achieve their goals and transform their administrative processes for the better.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is an acute care hospital with over 6,000 staff members. It provides a wide range of services to patients, including emergency care, surgery, and specialist services for children, women, and cancer patients. The Trust is committed to providing high-quality care to patients and improving their experience.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with e18 to implement Blue Prism automation software that will transform our administrative processes and improve staff efficiency. As Bradford uses the same EPR system as our neighbouring trust, Calderdale and Huddersfield, we are confident that replicating their successful implementation of RPA with e18 will deliver best value for money and speed to deliver a return on investment for our Trust. Throughout the selection process, e18 was responsive and demonstrated a willingness to ensure that the commercial model met our needs. We look forward to a successful partnership with e18 Team.”

Aubrey Sitch – Programme Manager – Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust provides acute, children’s and community health services across North Yorkshire and the North East, and is responsible for providing care to over 600,000 people. The Trust has a workforce of around 5,500 staff, and is committed to delivering safe, high-quality care that meets the needs of its patients.

“We chose to partner with e18 because of their extensive experience and solid reputation as experts in implementing automation solutions in the NHS. We were impressed by the evidence of the work they have done with over 50 other NHS organisations, including several of our ICS members. We are confident that e18 are best placed to not only support our organisation but help enable a collaborative approach to automating processes across the region and align to the ICS’s key goals.”

Richard Atkinson – Head of Digital Delivery, Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust

e18’s RPA solutions have been designed to automate a wide range of administrative processes, including appointment scheduling, patient registration, and HR onboarding and invoice processing. By automating these tasks, e18’s solutions enable NHS organisations to improve staff efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better care to patients. e18’s solutions have been successfully implemented in a range of healthcare settings across a large number of ICS’s, including Acute hospitals, GP surgeries, and community & mental health trusts.

“e18 is committed to working closely with Bradford Teaching Hospitals and Harrogate and District NHS Trust, as the latest organisations from this ICS to choose e18 as their partners to deliver automation solutions. e18’s team of experts will work closely with the trusts to identify areas where automation can have the biggest impact and will provide ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the new technology.”

Louise Wall MD – e18 Innovation

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